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Ara Asadoorian

I first heard of KISS as a young boy and loved the look.  I was into Comic Books, Star Wars etc...but started to love the music during the late 80's.  I saw KISS for the first time in Worcester, MA during the Hot in the Shade Tour.  I also saw them again in Providence, RI during that tour and I sat so close I could almost reach out and touch them.  I was glad to have seen Eric Carr live and to appreciate how good of a drummer he was.  When the concert started I still remember the green lasers from the Sphinx's eyes and Gene wore a Misfits skull t-shirt, with a Bass that had his Demon face on it with a long snake like tongue.  I thought to myself that I wish I could see them with their make-up, but thought it probably would never happen.  I was wrong.

I've been best friends with John "Gene Simmons of Kiss Forever" Saner since we were in Middle school and we started a band in the late 80's called Nightmare Alley.  I found out this name was what Faster Pussycat (one of my favorite bands of the 80's) used when they checked into hotels so we went with it and recorded a CD, played a lot of gigs etc.....but we stopped in 96'.  I never thought I'd sing again or play again.  I was wrong again!

I would go to all of the KISS shows with John (The Demon) Saner and his brother Mike.  Faster Pussycat opened up for Kiss along with many other bands during the Revenge Tour.  I think John would agree with me that it was the best concert we've ever seen, it may also have to do with the fact that we had front row seats and ironically John caught Gene Simmons pic and I caught Paul "The Starchild" Stanley's pic whom I am in the band. 

My goal is to put on the hottest, most realistic KISS show in the world and when you come to see us you want more and more, and hopefully WE put a smile on your face!  Rock and Roll all nite and party everyday!

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