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Rob Smith

I'll never forget the day in my life when i heard of KISS for the very first time. It was 1977, I was 9, and the commercial for "KISS ALIVE 2" came on TV. I was thunderstruck, amazed and wanting more all wrapped inside a 30 second commerical. From that day forward... my bedroom became my imagination became my vehicle to inside the music, as the "CASABLANCA" label spun round and round. As i grew up, and took up the guitar, Ace Frehley became the guitar god I always dreamed of being. Ive seen KISS on the reunion tour, psycho circus, farewell and sonic boom tours. After attending Berklee College of Music and being in various bands, mostly events made me a husband and father, life became busy...and performing music slipped away. Untill my musical life was reborn and re-energized like never before when I got the dream shot of a life time, to play in KISS my guitar god, Ace!!!!! After all these years.. the magic never dies, the excitement never falls all begins with those all so sacred words "YOU WANTED THE BEST...YOU GOT THE BEST.. THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD - KISS" , and im taken right back to 1977. My goal is to put on the most realistic, rock and roll show, with all the magic you've seen so many times before, but nothing like the way KISS Forever will deliver, every time, every show!! So hang on for a ROCKET RIDE!

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