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We will see you at....

Aug 24 - Richmond Smoke - Richmond RI

Oct 5 - Octoberfest - Springfield MA

Nov 16 - Crystal Bees- Southington CT

Dec 21 - Magic Room - Norwood MA


Ara Asadoorian - Starchild
Rob Smith - Space Ace
Ed Neves - Catman
John Saner - Demon

KISS Forever formed in late 2009 with the goal to provide a realistic KISS concert experience.  Boasting the full stage show and a sound that will make you believe you are at an actual KISS concert, KISS Forever will change everything you think you know about tribute bands.

Dynasty Entertainment

KISS Forever proved that they have it all down pat. From the stage mannerisms, flashing lights, and the KISS sound, a sound that many a tribute bands will attest is hard to capture.

                                                                                                                   -  Bill Copeland Sep 25, 2016

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